Will I be Posting More?

Hello everyone! I’ve been gone for a long time lol and I have a good explanation for that. As you may or may not read my previous posts, I’ve experienced a heartbreaking break up and I just wasn’t feeling like myself anymore. So I needed to take the time off my blogging site so I can heal myself and I feel pretty good now. I’m smiling more, laughing more, having fun. Just being my weird self. I made new friends and they are a huge reason why I’m always happy. I’m not wearing black so much lol. I’m actually surprised that I’m wearing lots of colors. Don’t get me wrong, black is still my favorite color and I will never give up on that color lol. I have another favorite color now(ooooo☺) and that color is green💚! You know, it’s funny how at first you don’t like something and all of a sudden it grows on you and then you like it. For example, I wasn’t a fan of Harley Quinn, but now I’m a huge fan of Harley Quinn. Same as the color green. So back to the main topic. Will I be posting more? The answer to that question is……YES! I will be posting more because I’m in a good spot in my life and I’m much happier. Their will be times when I don’t post because of school work, concerts and stuff, but I will post more. May 2nd is my birthday and I will be turning 18! Thank you guys so much for reading my nonsense lol. I hope I put a smile on some of your faces. Have a wonderful Saturday💖.WIN_20170302_15_14_39_Pro


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