Never Lose Faith 

Faith-Complete trust or confidence in yourself or something. As some of you may or may not know, I’ve experienced a terrible break up several months ago. It was extremely painful to deal with and extremely tough to get over. While my ex was enjoying his life and forgetting about me, I was stuck in my own sorrows and was thinking about him. I thought I was worthless and weak. I thought I couldn’t stand a chance in this world anymore. I thought I was a goner. The help from my friends, my mom and sister gave me the strength to stay true to myself and grow from this experience. I know what I’m worth. I honestly grew a lot from this break up and it has made me into a strong and independent young lady. The one word that kept on running in my mind was faith. Having faith has build up my self esteem a lot. I will walk alone and I will succeed alone. Hahaha, but I know I’m not alone. I know I have a wonderful family and group of friends who will never leave my side and will always encourage me to do better. Making mistakes is a good thing because you can learn from them. If any of you are going through a terrible break up, please don’t lose faith 💖.


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