Merry Christmas

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas. I hope you are enjoying the holidays and spending time with your family and friends. I’m just going to tell you want I got for Christmas today. I didn’t take pictures of my gifts, but tonight I’m going to do so, that way I can show you my gifts. The first gift I got was a new pair of black boots. I’m actually quite excited about the boots. It feels great on my feet and it made me smile. The second thing I got was a new flannel shirt. It looks more like a dress, but you can wear it like a dress or shirt. My brother girlfriend gave me a gift. She gave me a black scarf, a black handbag with snowflakes and a snowman on them and she also gave me some beautiful, black earrings. I really really love it because I love black and it will look well with some of my outfits and I’m definitely going to use my new handbag for stuff. The fourth thing my mom friend gave me a Christmas card with twenty-five dollars in it, so that’s going to be for good use. And the last thing my older brother bought me and my sisters a new wii console. And we got tons of games to go with it. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, happy holidays. And tomorrow I will show you my gifts. Bye


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