Hello Everyone.

Hello everyone. I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted something, but my school work and stuff just gets in the way of things. I’ve been dealing with stuff at my new high school. I really don’t like it because I don’t feel welcome, I’m always lonely and I don’t have any friends. But the only friend that I have is my book of thoughts. Everyday when I’m at school, I always write down how my day is going. I know that’s weird, but my book of thoughts is the only friend I have at the moment. And I know I don’t have that many followers on my blog either, but I just love blogging. So whoever reads this, I hope you enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Hello Everyone.”

  1. I used to be the same way! I draw patterns and fonts on any page I find sometimes. Don’t worry eventually you will have friends everybody I know who was in your position now has friends- including me.

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