Happy Halloween.🎃


Hello people. It’s October 31st. Happy Halloween! Are you excited today I know I am. Halloween is my favorite holiday ever! Lots of candy and scare. I wanted to do a top ten list of why I love Halloween so much. I’m going to start from ten.

10. I really love the Halloween commercials. How they show children in their awesome costumes having tons of fun. I love when children have fun.

9. Watching my little sisters in their adorable costumes. They just look so cute.

8. Listening to Halloween music. It always get me in the Halloween spirit.

7. Carving pumpkins.

6. Dressing up my stuff animals for Halloween. They also look soooo adorable.

5. Eating candy. Candy is my lifesaver. What is Halloween without candy?😁

4. Vampires. I love love love vampires.(I consider myself a vampire).

3. Decorating my house with tons of Halloween decorations. I also decorated my room too.

2. Watching scary movies.

1.Watching Halloween shows. I absolutely love watching Halloween shows.

Well that’s my top ten list on what I love about Halloween. I hope you guys enjoy your Halloween. Be safe, be awesome and don’t eat tons of candy.


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