A Life Lesson.

Well I have a pretty twisted and confusing story to tell you guys. As a teenager, you’re going to exper

ience new

things, make mistakes and change for the better. Well here it goes.

Last week on a Saturday night, my best friend called me and we were talking about school and stuff. But he mentioned my ex boyfriend name. He said that your ex wants to talk to you. And I said okay in a confused tone of voice. So me, my best friend and my ex were talking on the phone all together and all of a sudden, he told me that he loved me. He also said that he broke up with his girlfriend just to be with me and I said to myself why would he do that. And he said these words to me, do you want to go back out with me. And I said yes, but after I said yes it didn’t feel right at all because I knew I made a dumb and stupid mistake. So I told him I have to go to sleep.

On Wednesday, I didn’t go to school because I wasn’t feeling well. When my best friend came home from school, he texted me and told me that Jacob is going to homecoming with another girl and he like her. And I knew this was gonna happen. Why didn’t I just stick with my gut in the first place? So I texted Jacob and told him is their anything you want to tell me. He said what are you talking about. I told him you can’t fool me I can sense that you’re up to something. And he said how. So I went straight to the point and said I know you’re going to homecoming with another girl and you like her. He said me and her are just friends. I just said if you don’t want to be with me just say it. He said he doesn’t want to be with me. I knew this day was gonna come. I knew that in this situation I was the idiot because I went back out with him in the first place.

Last night, I told my mom about this situation and my mom(my second hero) gave me some good advice and I have to say my mom was absolutely right. I would tell you what she said, but I just want to get to the good part:mrgreen:. And all of a sudden, Jacob text me(what a coincidence). He started saying how he’s sorry and he still loves me and he wanna go out with me again. The craziest thing he said was that he likes my second best friend. He said the only difference is that I like her but I love you. So he asked me back out. All I can remember in my head was the words my mom said. So I told him I don’t wanna go out with you. You played with my emotions and I deserve someone better. I need someone that will love me for me and never leave my side. I told him I gonna start fresh and focus on what really matters. I told him i’m completely done with you. And so now he’s trying to go out with my second best friend(she doesn’t like him at all). After I told him that, I felt great. I knew I did the right thing by telling him i’m done with him. So i’m going to focus on school and the right guy will come along.

I learned a lesson. Never chase after a guy. Don’t be so desperate in need of a boyfriend. This is a huge life lesson for me.


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