The Rain, My Thoughts


When the rain falls down from the sky, I immediately look out my window and watch my favorite weather. But the rain does something to me. The rain makes me think about anything. It also makes me see memories and the rain also allows me to come up with my best ideas. The rain creates this calm emotion inside of me and it’s hard to explain it. When I hear the rain slap on the ground, it clears my mind. This might sound weird, but this is what the rain do to me. But as the thunder, lightening and rain collab all together, I feel like I’m in heaven. Sometimes I smile and sometimes I cry. Because when this happens, I know that this weather is bringing out something in me that no person could have done. I smile and cry because the weather just makes me remember about my good times and bad times. It amazes me to realize that the rain can change me.


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