I’m being ignored.

Today is a very unusual day. And the reason why I say this is because all of my friends are ignoring me and including my best friends. I tried to talk to them today but they haven’t said anything to me. Yesterday and they day before yesterday, I tried to apologize to my friend but he didn’t accept my apology and I think he blocked my number. I’m so tired of being treated like shit and feeling like shit. Everyday I try to do the right thing by keeping my friends close, but they are running away from. Is there something wrong with? Do people hate my gothic style? Do I have a disease? I just don’t know why everyday I get dragged back down to hell. I always keep to myself. I don’t disrespect anyone and I don’t hurt anyone. I just think that I don’t need any friends because they ignore me and some of my friends disrespects my personality, my beliefs and my interests. I really don’t deserve this. I feel so fucking worthless. It makes me sick.


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