I am a Soda-holic.


I am obsessed with soda! Yes I am one of those people. Soda is my favorite beverage in the whole wide world and of course water(we need water to live:mrgreen:). But yeah my favorite soda is Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper is soooo tasty it’s hard to explain how tasty it is. My favorite soda and I love it. I also like: Pepsi, Coca-Cola and  Mountain dew. My least favorite sodas are sprite and 7 up because it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth for some reason. But I will also drink it. Soda makes me happy just like coffee. I will try to post a post about coffee if I have the time to. I know soda is unhealthy, but I just love to drink it. I drink like two sodas a day and that’s not very good but I can’t control my thirst just like a vampire :mrgreen:. Hopefully tomorrow I will post a post about my other favorite beverage, which is coffee. Thanks for reading this weird post about my strange addiction of soda. Hope you enjoyed it.


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