Be Good

So yesterday, I went completely out of my mind because I was in a lot of stress again. I couldn’t find a way to handle my problems, so I just felt like giving up and dying. But I know that’s not me. I don’t give up on anything or anyone, but I decided to give up on a friend. Me and him had a very unhealthy friendship relationship because we always argue and we never seem to solve our problems. So we both agreed that we shouldn’t be friends anymore. Even though we’re not friends, I still want the best for him because my heart still cares about him. I was a little heartbroken and a little happy because i’ve never ended a friendship before and it made me scared but it’s for the best. And I know that I have plenty of friends so he wasn’t my only, he was just someone that I had a huge crush on but we decided to be friends. I hope he’s happy and relieved. But i’m gonna do what I said I was gonna do, live my life, be happy and continue to follow my dreams.


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