Goth is Good

So in my previous post, I said that I am gothic. I just want to talk about my gothic life, what I go through and how people think of me.

So yeah I’m goth. I’ve been gothic every since I was thirteen. I really didn’t tell my family or friends because I think they were going to criticize me. But I am sixteen years old and I told my friends first, and then I told my family. I really thought that I should’ve told my family first because family comes first. So when I told my friends I was goth, they were really surprised because I don’t know why. Probably because i’m their first gothic friend. And when my eighth grade peers knew about it, students walked up to me in the hallway and start asking me these weird questions like: Do you worship the devil, do you study witchcraft, are you a witch, are you going to cast a spell on me? To me this was like nonsense because they’re judging me because of how I look and it seems sort of stereotyping. I just want to say that gothic people aren’t evil, they’re people as well. Most people think of goths as people that cut themselves as well. No. So when I told my older brother about me being goth, he was totally find with it because he accepts people for who they are and that’s why my older brother is my role model. He’s just awesome. When I told my mom, she was okay with it, but she doesn’t want me to wear the makeup that I want to wear. I know that moms are like that, because they want their children to look nice. But it’s my body I should be able to put whatever I want on it. When I told my dad, I think he was scared because he told me that we need to have a talk about you wearing black. But he’s becoming okay with it. I think my sisters and my two other brothers know about or maybe not.
Being gothic doesn’t mean that you’re evil, or a demon. Your style is just different from others. You shouldn’t be ashamed of who you are because it’s your life and you should live your life, not waste it. Even if you’re gothic or not, don’t let someone judge you because of how you look. You are you and that’s all that matters. Everyone  is unique and special in their own way. Just be you.


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