When I was ten years old, I heard this song on my television, but the lyrics wasn’t in English. Even though I didn’t understand what was being said in the song, I really loved the song. So I looked up the song and I realized that this is a Hindi song and it surprised me alot. This song made me want to learn more about India.
When I was thirteen, I gotten my first book about India the same day I got my American Sign Language book. When I opened the book, the pictures were so bright and beautiful. I read about fourteen pages in one night. This was the best book i’ve ever gotten. I read this book three times. I think that India is such a beautiful country. When I get older, I want to stay in India for a year. It’s taken me awhile to learn their language because its tough, but like I said, I love to challenge myself. The culture and traditions of India it really amazes me and I am in love with India. I can’t believe that a song can make me be in love with something so much. I am so glad that i’m studying about India because I really love India. Sorry for the picture being so dull because of my camera.


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