American Sign Language is one of my favorite languages. Some people think that ASL is not a language because you’re not speaking with your mouth, but the  name of this language speaks for itself. American Sign Language is such a unique and beautiful language, but it’s also complicated to memorize so many signs. I don’t try to remember all of the signs in one day, week or month. Remembering a language takes times. When I was twelve, my father bought me my first American Sign Language book. For some reason I felt so nervous and scared because this was new to me. This is my first language that I am studying and practice. I am still having a little problem with memorizing some of the signs, but I know I can do it. I got my second American Sign Language book when I was thirteen. Now that time, I wasn’t nervous or scared because I knew what to expect. I love to challenge myself with new things because it will make me grow as a person. I know the picture is a little dull, sorry for that. Tomorrow I will talk about another language and country that I love very much and that is India.


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