My songs.

All of my songs have a purpose like theirs a meaning behind my music. My music is based on my world. Some of my songs are sad, inspirational, crazy, weird, happy and creative.

The first song i’ve written when I was ten years old was called, “Faith doesn’t go with Death”. And the reason I wrote this song is because I’ve been waiting for a gift to come my way like a career but I didn’t have faith in me. It’s such a fascination how a ten year old girl can write about faith. Because to this day, I still read that song because it makes me realize that I don’t need to be discouraged about anything. Because if you know you can do something just do it because your best is your best. I learned that being discouraged can hold you back from doing anything. When someone is very passionate about something they will do whatever it takes to reach that goal. That’s why I write inspiring songs to remind myself that I am me, I’m not going to change one thing about me and life is a precious gift.

My weird songs just be about vampires and party songs because that’s where the fun is.

My sad songs are about me and issues in my life that are tough to handle. That’s why writing my sad stories, thoughts and feelings can always help me brush off the stress and walk with a smile on my face.


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