About me

I was born May 2, 1999. I began to write music when I was ten years old. When I gotten older my writing skills began to progress and become better. So I put my talent to the test and began to write scripts, poems and stories. I enjoy writing because it allows me to express myself . For me, writing gives me the chance to be me and relax.

I am gothic. I’ve been gothic every since I was thirteen. I just like the darker side of things and I will never grow out of it.
I love to read. Mystery books, adventure, horror books and educational books. I’m studying American sign language and the culture, traditions and language of India. I began studying this when I was thirteen.
I really love vampires. I think vampires are the coolest species ever. This might sound weird but my alter ego name is VAMPiRE Vulcane. The reason why the I in vampire isn’t capitalize like the rest of the letters is because,”i am not capitalize”. It just means I am not perfect. It might sound confusing but it’s understandable.
I am very passionate about writing music because beautiful words are like a beautiful art picture, you just can’t take your eyes off of it. Writing music is in my blood and soul because writing music will never get old for me. That’s why in the future, I want to be a songwriter, scriptwriter and film producer.


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